HAE Now tees: a great step in a fair direction

Fair Trade Coffee by nyoin at flickr’s creative commons

So many organizations on college campuses find unity in wearing the same t-shirt, whether it’s for a sports team, a hobbies club, or a specific fundraiser. Students and faculty go through various types of t-shirt companies to design and purchase bulk orders of tees, but most of these companies do not stand for anything. HAE Now, an organic and Fair Trade t-shirt company, stands for environmental and social sustainability. HAE Now has partnered with Fair Trade USA, committing not only to protect the environment through their organic practices, but to care for farmers and their families as well.

Any organization on any campus has the opportunity to stand for something, too. By using companies like HAE Now to provide tees for their events, clubs and groups on college campuses have the ability to make change in the lives of those in impoverished areas. As Fair Trade USA says, “Every purchase counts.”

Read more at Fair Trade USA’s blog.
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Contributed by Sara Neville



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