Dunkin Donuts has a Fair Trade Video

Here is some information from Dunkin Donuts about their Fair Trade Espresso: http://www.dunkindonuts.com/DDBlog/2011/05/what_you_might_notk.trackback.html

Dunkin Donuts seems to be proud of their accomplishment with serving Fair Trade Product(s) . Why are they not totally Fair Trade and why do we not see this slideshow EVER ??? See here: http://www.dunkindonuts.com/content/dunkindonuts/en/coffee/espressostory.html

Contributed by Bryan Marton


3 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts has a Fair Trade Video

  1. On the one hand its obvious why Dunkin’ doesn’t publicize their use of Fair Trade beans for their espresso – because it leads directly to your other Q “why don’t they simply use Fair Trade beans for _all_ their coffee?”

    So this leads to a 3rd Q – if this dual-track practice (non-FT drip coffee alongside FT espresso-drinks) prevents Dunkin’ from marketing their FT credentials – why do they bother with FT at all? It’s now been 8 1/2 years since Dunkin’ announced their use of FT beans for the espressobeverage line and I still don’t have a firm answer, but I’ve heard two theories.

    Theory #1 – by launching espresso drinks in 2003 Dunkin’ was going to raise their public profile and would be competing for some of same customers who were frequenting Starbucks and such places. And Dunkin’ had seen how Starbucks got a PR black-eye for not supporting Fair Trade (or for non supporting Fair Trade _enough_ or for overstating their Fair Trade credentials, or some combination of all of the above). Therefore Dunkin’ would buy themselves some PR “insurance” by using Fair Trade beans for their then new espresso line, but would be low key about it so as to not get in trouble for green-washing.

    Theory #2 – The supply chain advantages of buying FT beans is real. It really does help ensure that the coffee roaster is getting higher quality and it helps ensure that you’re farmer suppliers will be able to consistently deliver that higher quality coffee year in & year out. So maybe Dunkin’ went with Fair Trade for the quality and risk management benefits.

    Personally my best guess is that its a combination of the two.

    And even though technically Dunkin’ is a competitor (or sorts) with my own company (www.EqualExchange.coop ) I’m glad they use FT beans for the espresso. Dunkin’ is huge and many farmers are benefiting from all those cappuccinos etc that Dunkin’s sells.

    And if you have to go there, but like regular strength coffee, just ask ’em to make you an Americano (that’s an espresso diluted w/some hot water.).

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