More on those Fair Trade chocolate chip brownies…

Wondering how to make your own Fair Trade chocolate chip brownies?  Of course, we could have the argument that they are not truly Fair Trade brownies, only made with some Fair Trade ingredients… but how about we just celebrate that these ingredients are available not far from the campus!  I followed the standard chocolate chip brownie recipe that you would find on the back of the bag of chocolate chips.  Some bags only have a cookie recipe, so you can make a thick pan cookie.  I spread the dough in a 7×11 glass pan and cut 12 brownies.

I was able to visit the ACME in Broomall to get Sunspire Fair Trade/Organic chocolate chips.  The Giant on Sproul Road in Springfield yielded the Frontier vanilla and Wholesome Sweeteners sugar and light brown sugar.  Yum!

Fair Trade chocolate chip brownie!

Don’t forget that you can visit our map where we continue to add stores that sell Fair Trade food items available within an approximate 60-mile radius of campus.

Contributed by Dr. Laura Guertin

Lunch, with a Fair Trade dessert

Today, the Fair Trade TrailBlazers were joined by some special guests for a great lunch and conversation – Spring 2012 Laboratory for Civic Engagement Communications Intern Zanya Stephenson, Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska, and donor David Rosenberg.  As members of the first Rosenberg Civic Engagement Course, the TrailBlazers shared their experiences learning about Fair Trade, connecting with people and organizations outside of the campus to inform their learning, and the collaboration and leadership necessary to get approved for Fair Trade University status.  The students also discussed how to sustain and grow these efforts to continue education and awareness of the Fair Trade movement.

And we have to make mention of dessert, homemade by Dr. Guertin – Fair Trade chocolate chip brownies, made with Fair Trade certified sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips!
TrailBlazers with the Laboratory for Civic Engagement

Pictured above, front row, left to right: Sara Neville, Zanya Stephenson, Sarah DeMartino.  Back row, left to right: Chancellor Wisniewska, Louis Donaghue, David Rosenberg, Dr. Laura Guertin, Bryan Marton.


Declaring Fair Trade University status on World Fair Trade Day

May 12, 2012, is a special date in Penn State Brandywine’s history.  To kick off a community event held on campus (Middletown Community Day), Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska read an announcement that Penn State Brandywine is officially designated with Fair Trade University status.  The gathered crowd responded with cheers and applause upon hearing the news.  As the faculty mentor for the students that made this possible, I could not feel more pride than I did on that day, knowing that the students had reached this amazing goal and was celebrating their achievement on World Fair Trade Day with the community members present.

Fair Trade TrailBlazers with the Chancellor
Pictured left to right: Sara Neville, Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska, Louis Donaghue, Dr. Laura Guertin

The students, the Fair Trade TrailBlazers, had a table at the four-hour event with a display of various Fair Trade items, our Fair Trade University certificate, brochures and handouts describing what Fair Trade means at Penn State Brandywine and links to our website and social media sites, and free samples of Equal Exchange chocolate taped to information cards the students designed.  The TrailBlazers distributed over 400 chocolate bars to people that were curious to learn more about Fair Trade, already familiar with Fair Trade, and just Penn State Proud of the students taking a stand in the battle against global poverty.  The day was thrilling, exhausting, and challenging to keep the chocolate samples from melting in the warm sunshine!
Our information table at our Declaration Day

Aimee, Sara, Bryan, and the Lion

The TrailBlazers received support from fellow student supporter Aimee Ralph (far left in photo above) and Bryan Marton’s (far right in photo) middle school daughter, who was so inspired by our Fair Trade conversations that day that she is going back to her school to talk about Fair Trade!  We were also visited at the beginning of the day by Penn State University student Abbey Dufoe, the student that completed an independent study project in Summer 2011 that started the Fair Trade ball rolling at the Brandywine campus.

We look forward to continuing the discussions, education, and outreach of Fair Trade in Media and beyond!

Contributed by Dr. Laura Guertin