Lunch, with a Fair Trade dessert

Today, the Fair Trade TrailBlazers were joined by some special guests for a great lunch and conversation – Spring 2012 Laboratory for Civic Engagement Communications Intern Zanya Stephenson, Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska, and donor David Rosenberg.  As members of the first Rosenberg Civic Engagement Course, the TrailBlazers shared their experiences learning about Fair Trade, connecting with people and organizations outside of the campus to inform their learning, and the collaboration and leadership necessary to get approved for Fair Trade University status.  The students also discussed how to sustain and grow these efforts to continue education and awareness of the Fair Trade movement.

And we have to make mention of dessert, homemade by Dr. Guertin – Fair Trade chocolate chip brownies, made with Fair Trade certified sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips!
TrailBlazers with the Laboratory for Civic Engagement

Pictured above, front row, left to right: Sara Neville, Zanya Stephenson, Sarah DeMartino.  Back row, left to right: Chancellor Wisniewska, Louis Donaghue, David Rosenberg, Dr. Laura Guertin, Bryan Marton.



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