Starbucks USA vs Starbucks UK

The UK has long been known as the birthplace of the fair trade movement. It is only fitting that the Starbucks UK market can boast that 100% of their espresso based coffee drinks are Fair Trade Certified (Starbucks UK 100% Fair Trade Espresso Based Drinks), but what about the U.S. market? The U.S. market offers the Italian Roast as their Fair Trade Certified option. I found a great article on a petition for Starbucks to offer a Fair Trade Certified brewed coffee option daily by a former partner. The main reason Starbucks USA has not acted is because there is not enough demand for the same Fair Trade standards as the UK stores. Please take a look and let your voice be heard!

Former Barista Tells Starbucks: Brew More Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee harvesting (image source)

I also found a link to an article about how Starbucks UK is creating a Fair Trade Access Fund, check it out! Introducing Starbucks Fair Trade Access Fund

Contributed by Jack Ramaika, founding Fair Trade TrailBlazer


One thought on “Starbucks USA vs Starbucks UK

  1. Just FYI – vis a vis coffee (& other Fair Trade foods) the real birthplace for Fair Trade is split between two places: Oaxaca, Mexico (home of the uber-impressive UCIRI co-operative) and the Netherlands. It was a Dutch organization, Solidaridad, who partnered with UCIRI to create the Fair Trade foods model. see:

    But, with that said, it is true that by some measures, the UK today has the strongest Fair Trade foods market and the broadest public support.

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