Warmest Regards for Fair Trade Trailblazers

Thank you all for this Fair Trade experience and I wish you the best in helping spread Fair Trade advocacy. My favorite thing to take away as a Fair Trade Intern is finding my career path. I would like to continue to find ways to help the greater good and have become passionate in speaking for those who may not have voices. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and remember to choose Fair Trade.

Now, I would like to pass on the position to Connor Harootunian, the new spring Fair Trade Student Intern.  Best of luck!

Contributed by Fair Trade Student Intern, Lisa Chun

Connecting Coffee Farmers and Consumers Around the World


I would like to thank everyone who showed up to our “Connected by Coffee” documentary event. We had plenty of yummy treats and beverages to satisfy any mouth. (And it was all Fair Trade!)

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It was truly inspiring to see the lives that were touched by this Fair Trade movement. I was shocked to hear about the devastating threats to coffee farms from coffee rust.

“Coffee rust is caused by a fungus which causes powdery orange spots on leaves. The infected leaves drop from the coffee plant too soon. The coffee rust weakens the coffee plant, reduces yield and eventually kills it.” (Source)

Not many people realize the obstacles that coffee farmers face. But it’s the dedicated Fair Traders like you who can make a difference. Amazingly enough, Fair Trade sticks by all the hardships that farmers must endure which is what makes this organization great. I hope many viewers were motivated by this documentary and continue to choose Fair Trade and support our cause.

For more information, visit the Connected by Coffee website.

Contributed by Fair Trade Student Intern, Lisa Chun