The Dark Side of Chocolate Documentary

Fair Trade Trailblazers had the opportunity to show The Dark Side of Chocolate to our campus this month. The documentary recorded the truths of cocoa plantations and children trafficking in Ghana and Ivory Coast. It was heartbreaking to see children lost and confused as they are manipulated by human traffickers. Hopefully this documentary brought more people to realize the important of choosing Fair Trade. It was truly inspirational when they displayed this documentary in front of Nestle Headquarters.

These are some of the candy bars that were distributed at the event. Equal Exchange is Fair Trade Certified and its products contain organic ingredients.

Contributed by Lisa Chun, Student Intern

Recap of September events

I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but I hope you are all in touch with our social media platforms. Because that’s where all the daily updates are happening! Click the Twitter and Facebook icons on the top right corner of this page–if you haven’t already done so–and follow us. So far, this semester has been flying by, and our club has already completed its assigned campaign initiative through events we participated in this past month. Here is an overview of what we did and what we have accomplished.

Penn State Brandywine Club Fair – #FairChocolate Photo Contest

We were able to recruit new members and reach out to our fellow student body on our Fair Trade campaign. In doing so, we were also able to snap some pictures of them enjoying Fair Trade chocolate and participate in this year’s #FairChocolate contest. Take a look at our happy students!

Penn State Brandywine Students

Penn State Brandywine Student

(more pictures can be found on our Twitter page!)

Constitution Day/Battle of the Bands – Penn State Brandywine Civic and Community Engagement

At this event, Civic Engagement collaborated with Fair Trade Trailblazers to bring an all-American celebration for Constitution day. Students munched on Fair Trade candy bars while listening to a band of our school’s students jam out. It was an exciting event and the candy bars really brought in new interest to our table.

Fair Trade Candy Bars

Overall, Fair Trade Trailblazers is working hard to wheel in students into acknowledging our campaign. Tomorrow during Common Hour, Fair Trade Trailblazers will be hosting our first meeting at 208 Tomeszko. Please come join us in hopes of a productive semester of Fair Trade!

Contributed by Lisa Chun

Fair Trade Student Intern

Looking Fair Trade-themed letters from PSU Brandywine Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Penn State Brandywine Fair Trade Trailblazers will be hosting two letter writing days for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!!! “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is a day designated to honor our nation’s youth. Adults and teens are asked to write letters of encouragement and inspiration. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are appreciated.” Please consider coming out on Monday March 17 (Common Hour Tomezsko Lounge) & Tuesday March 18 (Common Hour Lion’s Den) to written brief letters of encouragement to the next generation. For more information please contact, Leshaun Warner at Thank you!

paper image

 Contributed by Leshaun Warner, Fair Trade Intern

Hot & Cold Fair Trade Chocolate

Monday, December 2

12:30 p.m. – 1:20 p.m.

Common Building (first floor) in front of the Lion’s Pit, Penn State Brandywine 

Join The Penn State Fair Trade Trailblazers as we bring the Fall Semester to a close. We will be giving out FREE Fair Trade Hot Chocolate during the last weeks of classes!!! Also, don’t forget to stop pass the Lion’s Pit to purchase Fair Trade chocolate bars which goes great with Hot Chocolate!!!


Contributed by Leshaun Warner, Fair Trade Intern

Fair Trade Trailblazers updates

This past weekend the Laboratory for Civic Engagement and Fair Trade Trailblazers participated in Penn State Day which took place October 26, 2013. The event was full of games, music, food, and fun. Many Penn Staters, Alumni, and residents of the media community came out and join in the numerous festivities that took place on the Brandywine campus. We where able to advocate the need to Buy Fair, Be Fair in the closing days of Fair Trade Month. Image

Contributed by Leshaun Warner, Fair Trade Intern

Fair Trade Trailblazers updates

The past two weeks the Fair Trade Trailblazers have been on the move. On October 9, 2013 the Trailblazers where in the Commons building during common hour advocating the need to Buy Fair, Be Fair during Fair Trade month.  They gave out free samples of Fair Trade chocolate to their fellow peers and showed them other Fair Trade products that can be found on and off campus. This event was a huge success helping many students gain a better understanding of Fair Trade.


The following week October 16, 2013 the Fair Trade Trailblazers moved to the Tomezsko Building during common hour. The Tomezsko Building is mostly dominated with Business course and many students that hang out here are business majors. Since Fair Trade will most directly affect/relate to most students in business professions. This week the Trailblazers wanted to know how many students actually know what Fair Trade is, and if they knew that the Brandywine campus is a Fair Trade University. Most students have heard about Fair Trade our at least talked about it within their classes, with few knowing that we where indeed a Fair Trade University. The Trailblazers where able to help students better understand what Fair Trade is all about while passing out beverages with Fair Trade ingredients.


This upcoming week the Fair Trade Trailblazers will be participating in Penn State Day October 26, 2013  from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. on the Brandywine campus in Media, PA. Come out and join us for free food, games and music, and don’t forget to stop by the Fair Trade Trailblazers table!!!

Contributed by Leshaun Warner, Fair Trade Intern