More on those Fair Trade chocolate chip brownies…

Wondering how to make your own Fair Trade chocolate chip brownies?  Of course, we could have the argument that they are not truly Fair Trade brownies, only made with some Fair Trade ingredients… but how about we just celebrate that these ingredients are available not far from the campus!  I followed the standard chocolate chip brownie recipe that you would find on the back of the bag of chocolate chips.  Some bags only have a cookie recipe, so you can make a thick pan cookie.  I spread the dough in a 7×11 glass pan and cut 12 brownies.

I was able to visit the ACME in Broomall to get Sunspire Fair Trade/Organic chocolate chips.  The Giant on Sproul Road in Springfield yielded the Frontier vanilla and Wholesome Sweeteners sugar and light brown sugar.  Yum!

Fair Trade chocolate chip brownie!

Don’t forget that you can visit our map where we continue to add stores that sell Fair Trade food items available within an approximate 60-mile radius of campus.

Contributed by Dr. Laura Guertin