Six Words for Fair Trade and Earth Day

Our campus virtually participated in Penn State’s Earth Day celebrations by leading an effort to collect six word postings relating to Planet Earth (see the post online to describe the project).

We asked our Fair Trade friends to post in their Twitter accounts or as a comment to this blog post six words that address not only the Earth but Fair Trade.  View our collection that increases even more awareness and discussion of Fair Trade for Earth Day 2012!  We looked for posts in Twitter with the hashtag #psubw6words and comments with six words below and placed them in our Storify collection.

[View the story “2012 Six Words for a Fair Trade Planet Earth” on Storify]

Penn State Sustainability Story on Earth Day

Our campus was asked to provide two MS PowerPoint slides for the “PowerPoint of all PowerPoints,” a slideshow to be displayed at Penn State University Park’s Earth Day celebration on April 20.  We jumped on the opportunity to use those two slides to highlight the environmental sustainability component of the Fair Trade movement (and for a little self-promotion about our pursuit of Fair Trade University status!).

Feel free to view our Penn State Brandywine slides for University Park’s Earth Day 2012 celebration, posted here as a PDF file.