Mission and Vision


Our mission at Penn State Brandywine is to bring awareness of Fair Trade to the members of our campus and community.  WE ARE working to educate one another about this movement through the promotion of Fair Trade products and campus events.  WE ARE getting involved and pushing forward to support fair wages for workers, environmentally friendly practices for growing crops, education for children across the seas, and business that is transparent and sustainable.  WE ARE Penn State Brandywine supporting Fair Trade.


Our vision for the Penn State Brandywine Fair Trade movement is to have a community that is aware of what it purchases and feels a close relationship with the producers of Fair Trade products.  Through this relationship, we want to foster a global awareness among students, staff, faculty, and alumni.  Not only do we want to connect with workers overseas, but with Media, Pennsylvania, as well.  By hosting campus events each semester and providing our school store and cafeteria with Fair Trade options, we hope to cultivate an environment that buys and sells Fair Trade goods and supports the Fair Trade movement.  In the town of Media, we want to solidify ties between our University and the community.  We want to get involved with Media Fair Trade events and represent Penn State Brandywine Fair Trade.  Through our example, we hope to inspire the spread of Fair Trade to other Penn State communities throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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