The TrailBlazers

Spring 2012

The Fair Trade movement at Penn State Brandywine continued with the ENVST 400W course and would not have been possible without the assistance of the following:

Dr. Laura Guertin, Sarah DeMartino, Louis Donaghue, Stephen Hurwitz, Bryan Marton, Sara Neville, Jack Ramaika, Joseph Sweeny, Benjamin Bean (alumni consultant), Jonathan Hartline (alumni consultant), Lisa Yerges (ex-officio, campus business manager), Joseph Buskirk (ex-officio, campus bookstore manager)

Sarah DeMartino (front row, right) – Sarah is a full time student at Penn State Brandywine and is an International Relations Major. She is engaged in undergraduate research, studying gender and study abroad, and has presented this research at several conferences and is working on a paper for publish. She loves languages and traveling and hopes to do a full semester in France. Sarah attended Downingtown West High School and graduated in 2010.

Louis Donaghue (back row, far left) – Louis Donaghue is an Letters, Arts and Science major at Penn State Brandyine. Outside of school he teaches martial arts the Korean Martial Arts Institute in New Garden Pennsylvania.

Stephen Hurwitz (back row, far right) – Stephen is a Senior at Penn State Brandywine in the Letters, Arts and Science major.  He intends to graduate May 2012.  He currently works for the government with hopes of advancing his career in the future.  He grew up and currently resides in Delaware County with his wife and three kids.

Bryan Marton (back row, second from right) – Bryan is a returning Junior at Penn State Brandywine. He started as a freshman at what was then called Penn State Lima campus in 1972, majoring in Rehabilitation Education. He stopped to pursue career(s) in Sales & Marketing, Medical Transportation, Club Security, Restaurant Management, and eventually opened his own restaurant in The Philadelphia Art Alliance in Philly’s Rittenhouse Square. After suffering a stroke and undergoing open heart surgery, Bryan decided to finish his undergraduate degree here at Penn State Brandywine in Letters, Arts & Science and is considering pursuing a career in civic engagement. He is a single father with two children and lives in Philadelphia’s Fairmount section.

Sara Neville (front row, left) – Sara Neville is a senior at Penn State Brandywine pursuing a liberal arts degree with minors in environmental inquiry and civic engagement. She has a passion for working with children and has been acting as a director for Great Valley Middle School’s annual spring musicals for the past six years. She hopes to tie her interests in global issues, women’s issues, and the environment into a future career working for a nonprofit organization of some kind.

Joseph Sweeny (back row, third from right) – Joe is a senior studying Letters, Arts, and Sciences. After graduating Joe wants to work for a real estate agency in Pennsylvania. Joe is a big supporter of the Fair Trade movement and what it stands for. In the future Joe wants to continue working with Penn State Brandywine, and try to get the movement spread not only to other Penn State campuses but also other colleges and high schools around the Tri-State area.

These original TrailBlazers also wish to recognize support from Matthew Boyle, Matthew Bodek, and Chancellor Sophia Wisniewska.

Summer 2012

It all started with one student that was looking for a summer independent study project.  Abbey Dufoe, a communications major earning Penn State’s environmental inquiry minor, with her passion for the Earth, wanted the opportunity to further explore the use of social media to promote environmental awareness and causes.  One component of Abbey’s independent study was to create a Storify documenting Media, PA, America’s first Fair Trade Town.


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