Thrilled to take position as Spring Fair Trade intern.

Hello! My name is Connor Harootunian, and I will be the new Fair Trade intern this upcoming Spring season. I am very excited yet motivated to take on Lisa’s role as intern. Warmest regards to Lisa, wishing her a successful future. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and is looking forward to promoting Fair Trade advocacy!

– Contributed by Connor Harootunian, Fair Trade Intern

Warmest Regards for Fair Trade Trailblazers

Thank you all for this Fair Trade experience and I wish you the best in helping spread Fair Trade advocacy. My favorite thing to take away as a Fair Trade Intern is finding my career path. I would like to continue to find ways to help the greater good and have become passionate in speaking for those who may not have voices. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and remember to choose Fair Trade.

Now, I would like to pass on the position to Connor Harootunian, the new spring Fair Trade Student Intern.  Best of luck!

Contributed by Fair Trade Student Intern, Lisa Chun